We’re Back.

We’re Back.

DFATHOF are back with a new release…PLUNDER.

The EP consists of 3 tracks, and is an upbeat menagerie of songs about pirates, computer games and shopkeepers. It’s been 6 months in the making but you’ll hear that in the Queen-esque harmonies, the Spector-esque wall of sound, and the incredibly witty lyrics about being gay for a computer game character. The artwork is , as always, by the wonderful 5683.

The title track ‘Guybrush Threepwood’ tells the sordid tale of my childhood love for the one and only…. Guybrush Threepwood. If you’ve ever played Monkey Island®, you’ll understand how a pixelated pirate can take over your life.

Track 2 is a song about mutiny aboard a pirate ship. A Captain. His Crew. An albatross. A sick parrot. Some stale biscuits. And some other stuff too. We’ve actually been filming the video for this using a green screen and whether it turns out great or shite, we had a proper good time filming it, especially when we had to repeatedly throw Matt The Drummer over a bit of wood. Look:

Matt The Drummer Goes Overboard


That’ll be ready soon.

The FINAL track on the EP is called ‘The Man In The Deli’. The song was written to outline the naivety that people face on a day-to-day basis because of language barriers, however made into something fun, not boring. I’m the naive one, the Man In The Deli  makes me look like a dick. But not to my knowledge. It’s based on a real man in a real Deli at the Ditmas Ave stop in Brooklyn, NYC where I used to live. He was proper cool and had pictures of him doing flying Kung Fu kicks on the Deli wall, but I only ever went there for cigarettes, condoms, and batteries, so every time I walked in, he’d ask me which one of those I wanted. I hope he’s still there cos I’m gonna visit him one day and say:

“Hey you won’t remember me, I lived near here over 10 years ago. For a period of 2-3 months I frequented your shop purely to purchase cigarettes, condoms, and batteries. Now I’m in a band. We’re not famous but I wrote a song about you that you’ll prolly hate. Anyway, C U!”

I can’t wait.

EP available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify,  and YourMum.


Danny Fontaine. X

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