DFatHoF back in the Studio

DFatHoF back in the Studio

The Horns of Fury are behind a microphone once again putting down what will become the latest DFatHoF epic, ‘the Cowboy’. We’re all really excited about this and no doubt you will be too! (It’s about a cowboy for crissakes, what’s there NOT to be excited about!?!)

We have had the pleasure of recording with the formidably talented Paul ‘I am Giant‘ Matthews In his secret hidden laboratory in New Malden.

Tat and Jules had Bass and drums down with textbook efficiency. It was first time recording for Missy, did she buckle under the pressure when the red light shone? “Hell no!” she rose spectacularly to the challenge! All that’s left is for Danny to put his vox into the mix: 12 part harmonies agogo!

In true DFatHoF style a video is in the pipeline, so keep checking on our progress here to find out more.

In other news we are getting greased up for our December gig at the world famous Fighting Cocks which promises to be quite a sheeeebang! More to follow…

“Whip snap!”


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