Keyboard/FX/noisemaker WANTED

This is exciting. Danny Fontaine & The Horns of Fury are a well known London band with Influences include Protemen, Muse, Queen, The Beach Boys, Madness, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Cash, The Clash, Green Day.

We lost a trumpet player and now we’re thinking…we need something different. Something better. We don’t want to be another band playing the same old shite. We got much more to give the world than that…

The songs can be narrative and dark, or bouncy and ska. We have trombone, alto sax, tenor sax. Some songs require piano. Some songs, ska organ, some songs dark organ. But then we can go further – can you trigger samples of marching zombie armies? Can you make Pink Floyds phaser’s sound like a toy gun? Do you love soundscapes, walls of sound, musicals, theatre, perfect timing and KILLER stage shows? Choirs of the dead and screaming strings??

We make music videos, we gig, we love music. We practice every Wednesday in a studio in South London.

We play because we love music and love shows. Currently all money goes back in to the band to pay for recording, photoshoots, video, gear etc.

We’re different to anything else out there – just check out the videos and tracks.

As long as you’re 18 and have your own gear then you’ll get an audition.


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