DFATHOF tear up STAYCATION at The Victoria

Going from a busy room to a crowded dance floor Danny Fontaine and the Horns of Fury ( DFATHOF), finished the night with their well-honed ‘orchestral death ska’ set. These guys are definitely a band that can fill a room quickly. Being only the second time I have seen DFATHOF since their addition of a new drummer and saxophone player, the band have certainly not lost any of the stage presence we love them for. If you didn’t know about the new band members you would think the group were the original line-up since the band formed in 2006.

Playing their epic new number ‘The Butcher’ DFATHOF wowed their audience as usual. The beautifully crafted World War II inspired video to which, needs to be checked out by Fontaine followers and new comers alike. As entertaining as always, members of the band became part of the crowd as brass instruments made their way through the audience making the entire room their stage. Although throughout the fun and frivolity the message of the day was not lost by the band. “You’re not just here for the music”, urged the slick front-man, “put your money in the bucket.” DFATHOF were without a doubt on top form this bank holiday Sunday.


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