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This kaleidoscopic cornucopia of cabaret, ska and rock and roll is utterly captivating. They give it their all and get it back in spades from an enthusiastic audience.


The Music League

They keep on coming and they’re all throwaway fun (especially live). The Horns here are as good as any of them… Catchy ska pop should you want it, bit of class to what they’re doing here…they do their thing rather well.


The Organ

You would have to be , either the chairman of a city bank , or dead, not to be drawn into their world of high energy . The perfect band for any type of Festival – Danny Fontaine and the Horns of Fury are on their way to being a National treasure.

Shaun Litton

Substance Gigs

Danny Fontaine and the Horns of Fury are the perfect antidote to skinny-jeaned, talentless Shoreditch posers. To see a band enjoying themselves so much on a stage is refreshing, and it brings a great energy to any crowd. Buy their records, book them for gigs and suck ‘em off backstage! THEY ROCK.

Dmitri Galitzine

Manager, Troubadour Friday’s

Next up was Danny Fontaine & The Horns of Fury (Kingston). These guys are nuts! They put on a very energetic show of full band ska-punk which occasionally had a country/bandito feel, and even snuck in a very random cover of “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child. Definitely recommend checking them out.

Gemma Eagle

Studs and Punks

With a full frontal horn assault all seven members set about tearing down the wall of sound which separates sanity from insanity. Heavy chords shook the foundations as crazed dancing broke out and became infectious, leaving the boisterous crowd pleading for more.

Digby Bodenham

Plan B Magazine

It’s mainly a mix of Gogol Bordello style gypsy punk and ska. Cool and swinging, funny and happy…I guess this band is really, really great live.


Lowcut Magazine

They are, of course, bonkers and therefore a great amount of fun. The songs meander all over the place, and pay homage to roughly 7000 different genres of music. to fully appreciate the band, I think you’d have to see them live. Something I’ll make sure I’ll do as soon as possible.

Thomas Begley


One thing is sure, they show potential and definitely something to watch out for.


Ska/punk reviews

Mad as a very mad bloke going a bit mad music, but music, nonetheless. Imagine Tom Waits on speed jamming with Fishbone, and you won’t be too far off the mark.



Is it true that they only come out at night? Do they really drink the blood of the regulars? Whatever you’ve heard, prepare for all your fears to be realised. Danny Fontaine and The Horns of Fury are here to take no prisoners, and they rock stylishly while doing so.

Bruce Turnball

God Is In The TV

They’re very strong musicians, and I would be shocked if they weren’t brilliant live.


Subcity Radio