Horns Of Fury RIP

Horns Of Fury RIP

Dear droogs.

My heart aches and my fingers bleed,
But indeed my deed is to write this read.

Horns Of Fury, Rest In Peace.

It is your time.

Danny Fontaine & The Horns of Fury will be putting on a final show in London this September – it’ll be emotional, and it’ll be epic. More to come soon.

The Horns Of Fury would never had existed without you. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again to all who have supported us over the last 10 years. We’ve sung, we’ve played, we’ve danced, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and we’ve drunk a lot of beer. We’ve done the Monday night dives, the hotels in Bournemouth, we’ve played pretty much every venue in London, we’ve done festivals, speakeasies, front rooms, churches, parties, weddings, fates, gardens, conventions, Christmas, and New years eve shows…and I’m gonna miss it like hell.

And thank you to the band members who’ve been on this crazy train: TMAG, Tom Bone, Mister Tat, Jules, Missy, Big Dave, Mikey, Greg, Horse, Matt, Brendan, Griff, Joseph Le Strange, & Martin. You guys rock. Lord, strike me down if I’ve missed anyone out.

Apart from the final show in September, we’ll also be working on finishing the first (and last) album, and goddammit, Chris Lincé and the crew have done it again. Please allow me to make the premiere announcement of “The Cowboy”, a brand new music video by Danny Fontaine & The Horns Of Fury, and guest starring Dylan Fontaine:


I can’t thank everyone enough for the last third of my life in the band – hopefully we’ll see you all at the final show.

Peace and fucking,

Danny Fontaine.


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