Horns Of Fury Invade Southampton, plus Tom Bone’s new hobby

Horns Of Fury Invade Southampton, plus Tom Bone’s new hobby

Being in the music industry is a bit like wading through chest-high sludge whilst harnessed to a rabid donkey chasing a drowning rabbit in the opposite direction.

Things take time. For the past year we’ve been working on 2 songs and 2 music videos. Soon mon droogies, they’ll be finished. And we’ll have a good cry. I have however written a song of my own for Jeff Vandermeer’s new anothology “ODD”.  You can read all about it here or watch the vid!

In the meantime we have some gigs coming up in Southampton (@ The Hamptons) this Thursday 9th, and then The New Cross in London on the 17th June. We’ll be playing *BRAND NEW* material at these shows (like new upbeat ska number ‘That Guy’), so hopefully we’ll see yous there.

In other news, Tom Bone has taken up the strange new hobby of collecting badger tails and stuffing his old pair of corduroys with them to create his own fluffy badger tail mannequins. His goal is to get them in every shop in Chissick, however so far he has only approached Poundland with his idea who dutifully declined. Poundland were unavailable for comment. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tom Bone.

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