Fun With Guns

Fun With Guns

DFATHOF have just returned from an action-packed weekend in the DFATHO-COPTA. We began by playing our furious pants off at the illustrious 100 Club in Oxford St., on Friday night. We were joined once again by our good friends The Lagan, and also new friends ‘The Really Bad Habits’. Three 7-piece bands in a row. Shityeahthatscool.

We arrived back home in Kingston at approximately 2am and enjoyed a glorious 2-hour nap before getting up again at 4am to shoot a music video for our summer-release ‘The Butcher’. Horse managed to find not only some authentic WWI uniforms, but an entire field full of trenches! The Butcher tells the tale of an army captain and his struggle with guilt as he sends his own men over the frontline, with the knowledge that they’ll die. Cool, huh? So we got back in the bus and travelled to Ipswich. We arrived at 6am and met the fabulous crew led by director Chris Lincé. The rest of the day was spent in the sweltering sun shooting guns, traipsing through trenches, and yours truly doing a WWI striptease. here’s Tom Bone doing his sexy tractor dance.

Sexy Tractor Dance

We finally got done about 11pm and it’s SOOOOO gonna be worth it. We’ll be releasing it and have a big ol’ launch party in the summer so watch this space. The single will be a double A side and also feature ‘The Cowboy’.

In the meantime we’ve got a load of gigs coming up so check out our shows page and we’ll see you at the bar! DF.

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