Big In The Jungle

Hello Droog, I’m itching in my pants to relay to you my upmost joy at the discovery of the video below; it appears the music of DFATHOF, London’s premiere orchestral progressive ska band has finally reached the Bolivian jungle! LOOK!

Admittedly the sound’s a bit shite, but what do you expect from the darkest corners of our merry little planet?

In other news, the band has been busy – for realz! We had a little secret at the 12 Bar club off Tottenham Court Road a couple weeks back, just to get new drummer Jules lubed and oiled for what is to come. We ran through The Horns Of Fury’s Greatest Hits to the delight of all 12 crowd-members, and left the stage drunk and sweaty. My axe was bloody, and the trombone was left glooping.

Meanwhile, back in the studio we’ve been working hard on some NEW muthafucking songs and soon They Shall Be Released. It’s a summer of gigging fo’ shizzle my nizzles.

To keep all updated and stuff, do check out our Facebook page. It has a voice like sand and glue.

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