A new video, goodbye Horse, hello Jules & Missy!

A new video, goodbye Horse, hello Jules & Missy!

So, yes. It took over a year in post production to finish, but our new video is OUT. Ladies and gentleman, The Butcher.

[dailymotion id=xr4rsv]

With nearly 20,000 in the first weekend, were pretty stoked! The song is a tale about a WWI captain struggling with the guilt of sending his men over the frontline to their certain death. It’s prog rock, it’s got horns, it’s got about 49 different parts. The video features DFATHOF in full WWI military uniforms and was actually filmed in the place where they do Downton Abbey and a bunch of other BBC and ITV programs. It’s got guns, explosions, and we even managed to squeeze in a hot girl.

The most extraordinary thing about the video is that the cast and crew, as well as the location owner, all worked for free. It’s amazing what you can do with a strong will and determination to succeed. I’d like to thank every single person who worked on the video, especially Chris Lincé who directed, came up with the concept, and did all the editing and post production. The good news is that we’re already planning our next video with him…

To celebrate the release we premiered the video at The Hippodrome club in Kingston and played a set after with our good friends The Lagan. The night was extra special as we say goodbye to long-term member Horse, who’s moving on to pastures new in a 23 year old Mercedes with a map of Europe. Here’s been with us from the beginning and we’re gonna miss him. A lot.

Of course every cloud has a silver lining and it gives me great pleasure to introduce DFATHOF’s newest members, Jules Harley on drums, and Missy on alto saxophone. Much more about them soon, and of course, we’ll need to do a new photo shoot…

In the meantime tell yer friends about the video and stay in touch, this is gonna be a big year for us…Danny Fontaine and the Horns of Fury are BACK.


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