“…Well kick me with your rhythm sticks, what a show!”

Compadres, Titus here…

…Ended up missing the show due to other more pressing commitments (had to pop over to Calais to sell a bag of badger tails…long story) My agents keep me in the loop however, and I’m reliably informed the gig-goers at the 12bar got their moneys worth. As a manager, that’s all I want to hear. I’m proud of those lads; they’ve pulled a right blinder this time.

Apparently those horns skanked up a right storm front of stage. The terrific rhythm section, sounding FRESH… other-side-of-pillow fresh. And as for Mr Fontaine himself… well, If any has been disturbed/brought to tears of jubilation by the performance, please leave a comment bellow.

Many thanks,

Manager of the Horns of Fury

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